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Apple's New iPod Shuffle Announced, More Colors And a Special Edition Version Join The Lineup




With Apple’s fifth-gen nano camera player catching today’s most attention, no one had really thought a new iPod Shuffle series could actually get into Steve Jobs’ busy schedule lineup and be released  – But it did – as Cupertino surprisingly announces a refreshing batch of new colorful shuffle players, spiced with a much welcomed price cut execution that sets the numbers on $59 for the 2GB version and only $79 for the 4GB one. Flavors wise, it seems the shuffle is now being offered in blue, green or pink hues, joining the already exist black and silver tints, as well as a new stainless steel “Special Edition” model, marked as premium and priced higher than others, at $99. Other than that, it pretty much remains the same with that voice over technology reading out your songs list, and battery life that plays your stuff for 10 hours long. Stay tuned.


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