Here we are, standing again with Chinese corp Newman, that recently announced its latest A36HD device, which apparently boasts a regular 3-inch display (no touchscreen), along a microSD card slot, 4GB or 8GB capacities to choose from, the regular audio-video lineup and a nice slick silver frame, covering it all from every possible direction. As probably figured from those “HD” initials, marked in its name, this 8mm thick PMP supports 720p videos when pumping them out on your LCD TV, through the integrated TV-output, already been included. Other than that, it packs a usual built in mono speaker, to let you share your music loud, and a 3.5mm Jack in case you want to have some privacy. No price or availability details to be mentioned yet, but be sure they will probably stay relevant for Eastern residents only.


[via akihabaranews]

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