Looks like we have a new joiner at the soon-to-be-crowded tablets arena. This time, it’s the X9 from DigitalRise China, which offers a 10.2-inch multitouch display (tablet,you know) along a decent lineup within, that includes an Atom N270 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 1.3mp webcam, a 160GB hard drive, 3G connectivity, WiFi, GPS and the latest-greatest Windows 7 OS. It’s already up for pre-orders, in case you have an import or distribution company, but be sure you’ll be the first to know when it gets available for individuals. This way or another, it would cost you a whopping $780 at the moment, so hold your breath for couple weeks more.

Update: And if you need some live footage in order to make decisions and buy one, hit the break for a full video review.


[PMP Today]


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  1. Im planning to buy the $399 Acer Aspire One with 120GB HDD. Seeing that this Netbook comes with 160GB HDD for the same price as the Acer One, best bet would be to wait for this product so that I can compare Acer vs Lenovo.

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