Alright, enough with all those tablet verbiage for the next…5 minutes. Media players, remember? Coby, remember? Well here’s a new and stylish mp3 player, courtesy of the US company, which carries the most forgettable name – Coby MP570. With no price or availability dates, at this point, this Red flavored audio gem is claimed to carry only 2GB of flash storage, without any slot extension attached, but a basic range of codecs support including MP3 and WMA formats that will run for up to five hours of audio playback at a very uncertain quality. At least we like the color, and that’s probably a lot these days, isn’t it?


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Nir Ben Yona Shein
Internet freak and technology geek; Aspiring screenwriter, devoted tech blogger & Technologer chief editor . Early adopter with a keen interest in gadgets, technology, internet and mobile.