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MSI’s Wind U160DX Netbook Unveiled, Gets a Better CPU And 15 Hours Of Battery Life




The MSI U160 netbook is hear for quiet sometime already, but it never seemed too sure to invest in getting set up with it for the long run. Nevertheless, the company now says it wants even more, and given the fact the U160 boasts some top-notch specs within, its daring mission (to release an updated version) wasn’t exactly simple at all. But words lead to deeds, and a new model is looming on the horizon – It’s the Wind U160DX – which is said to officially go live on Computex 2010 with a stronger Atom N455 processor, paired with MSI’s “Turbo Drive Engine” technology, DDR3 RAM and the cherry on the cake – a 15 hour battery work. Price and availability are still missing at this point but be sure we’ll get them for you as soon as they finally rise on the road.

[via newgadgets]

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