Tablets, tablets, tablets…that’s probably what you’ve all been hearing about in the past six month, haven’t you? If so, ezGear – a US based company – personally wants you to hear about their brand new Android-power tablet as well. From what we know, their latest revelation, Surfboard 700, which has no price tag or availability details to share at this point, will pack a RockChip’s RK2818 chipset, together with a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen, WiFi, 2MP camera, an HDMI output, a microSD card slot, USB 2.0 hub and dual stereo speakers onboard. And while inner Android OS version is yet to be determined (either Android 1.6 or hopefully Froyo 2.2), the battery pack that comes along with the slate, is claimed to deliver up to 20hrs of music playback or 9hrs of video- pretty cool, isn;t it? Now c’mon ezGear, give us a good price to satisfy our not-so-deep pockets, and we’re sold.

Update: Apparently, ezGear will start shipping somewhere around September of this year.


That’s probably what you’ve been hearing about

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Nir Ben Yona Shein
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