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Cowon’s New V5W PMP Gets a WiFi Connectivity Upgrade




Korean audio giant Cowon has just relaunched its good ‘ol V5 media player, this time in the form of a V5W PMP. And while most specs remain the same – a 4.8-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, running Windows CE 6.0 with one HDMI output, one USB 2.0 slot and 16/32/64GB storage capacities at your choice –  that little “W” letter tabbed to the name, apparently represents the new WiFi connection capabilities the company has added to its frame. Regretfully, both price and availability are yet to be determined at this stage, but just to give you a sense of direction, you guys should be ready to spend somewhere around 250 bucks if you want the V5W so bad.


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