If you think you’ve seen it all, think again, because the way it looks we are only at the very beginning, at least as far as tablets world’s concerned. No, seriously, has any of you people ever thought about the idea of adding projectors to your slates? Well, MSI did, and it seems they have been able to put together a demo unit and present it to everyone during the CES show, back in early January. Basically, it’s just the same MSI tablet we’ve already seen before, with a 10-inch display, Intel’s Atom processor and a Windows 7 platform on board. Only this time, with an integrated swivel projector added on top. And while most details are scarce, it is said to include wall screening capabilities, along with rotation features and even some sort of a virtual laser projected keyboard that will work on any surface at your choice. Remember, this is just a concept version, but we’re very excited to see the outcome. Make sure you check out the video, right after the break.

[via TBreak]


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