Dell’s 2011 Tablets Slide Unveiled

Considering the fact that we’ve already seen a couple of leaked Dell roadmap slides in 2010, doesn’t mean we’re not interested to see a few slides more; on the contrary, we’d love to get ’em if you have any, in particular those planned for 2013, 2014, and on and on. As for 2011/2012, the Androidcentral guys have somehow managed to obtain Dell’s tablets forecast, and it’s here presented to you with much enthusiasm and galore. According to the roadmap we’re seeing, Dell’s Streak 10 is only few days away from launching, as far as the Q1 “storyline” goes, while in Q2 we should expect the Dell Gallo tablet, with a Honeycomb flavor attached, and a Streak 7 update somewhere in the late July. Staying in that Q2 framework for a moment, we’re also looking at Dell’s 10-inch Windows 7 slate, planned under the codename Rosemount and scheduled for June, with a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution display that supports HD 720p video transmission. Jumping forward to Q4 and Q1 of 2012, there’s a number of entries worthy of a mention, including the Honeycomb-powered Dell Sterling device (due out in late October), the Dell Opus One and Dell Silver Oak, both are due to go on sale in 2012 running Android Honeycomb platform within, and last but not least, the Dell Peju that makes a grand entrance with Windows 8 on board.

So there you have it, fellow readers; It’s definitely going to be an interesting year for the tablets form factor, at least as far as Dell is concerned.

Nir Ben Yona Shein

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