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This Is How People are Going To See In The Future [Infographic]





Google has been capturing our rich imagination through developments like Google glass, prompting widespread discussion about the future of tech, ‘wearables’ and vision in general. Just think about the awe-inspiring number of opportunities to use the new gadget in different type of daily scenarios, and what might the future of the discipline look like and how might it best progress; perhaps a ground-breaking app for Google glass that will allow the user to take a photo just by thinking about it and look in a certain direction? That would definitely be cool, but also a little shady, to say the least.

And what it requires to get to the next stage? How about a smart contact lens that could monitor anything from blood pressure levels to recorded brain signals, and diabetes sugar rates? Perhaps it’s the same science fiction you use to believe in some catchy Hollywood movies, or maybe just a new and better reality for some people in the far or near future.

To learn more about the way things might look in a few decades from now, be sure to check out this nice and detailed infographic chart:


This infographic was compiled by Supersavers Opticiand

[Image credit: wikipedia]

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