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Who is Tracking Your Smartphone [Infographic]





Few technological innovations have been quite as successful as the smartphone. Being able to deal with phone calls, text messaging, emails, instant messaging and social networking, plus a host of other functions, on one device is extraordinary. However, smartphones are also fraught with danger, as the sheer volume of data they contain makes them prime targets for spies and hackers to gain unauthorized access.

This infographic by Neon SMS identified the parties most likely to callously track your smartphone and also identifies a number of warning signs to look out for if you fear that your phone is being tracked. These red flags include unexpected shutdowns, making noise when not in use, receiving unusual text messages, abnormally quick battery drain, unusually high data usage and overheating. These, and several other danger signs, could all indicate that a spy or hacker is tracking your smartphone.

You spent good money to buy your smartphone, and continue to pay a standard fee on a regular basis to use it as you would like, so inevitably you will want to protect it from unsolicited access by untrusted sources. Read the infographic below to learn what signs you need to know in order to see if your phone is being tracked, so that you can remedy the problem before it’s too late.