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SMS, Apps or Email? Customer Engagement Strategies Analysed [Infographic]





For marketing to be considered effective, it needs to prompt action from its targeted audience to enough of a degree that the brand ultimately recoups more in revenue than what it spent to initiate the campaign. Marketers need to communicate the right message in the right format at the right time, or else consumers will simply ignore the message. It also needs to be done through the most appropriate channel of communication, whether that is via an app, email marketing or SMS.

When making this decision, marketers must consider a series of factors. Do they want to communicate a lengthy or succinct message? Do they need instant reaction from their targeted customer base? What is the main demographic being targeted? If the campaign needs a swift response, the brevity and immediacy of SMS makes this an ideal option. Indeed, research shows that the general populace is far more likely to respond to a text message than an email, as people’s normal behaviour with the medium is to reply immediately.

This infographic from Neon SMS in Ireland analyses the three main marketing communication channels, picking out the main pros and cons of each one. Selecting the most appropriate medium for your campaign could prove to be the difference between enormous success and expensive failure.