Dcube Releases The New D9 Mobile TV

D’cube announces the release of their new D9 mobile TV, combined with a media player and a 3.5-inch LCD TFT 260,000 color screen (320 × 240). The D9 features a Micro SD / SDHC card expansion, a built-in speaker, T-DMB tuner to watch/record your videos from digital TV (Korea only), 2GB or 4GB storage capacity, and more. It supports wide variety of formats, including AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA, OGG and JPEG files. The measures are 109 × 78 × 11.8 mm – 108 gm and the battery lasts 15 hours of audio or 8 hours of video. This digital TV-PMP device is priced at $130 for the 4GB model, so if you have planes to go to Asia, you can get one immediately. 


[via imp3]


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