Great Techniques of Using Digital Signage for Developing Followers for Your Brand

There is so much competition in business today that if you are unable to adopt the best practices in marketing, you could simply sink in no time.  The ability to adapt and manage change had always been remarkable for businesses, but it was never as much relevant as it is today. This is perhaps a reason for the popularity of digital signage’s that have become the essential tool in branding. Despite the traditional and online avenues of branding still doing good, digital signage’s have given marketers a shot in the arm as it enables them to take a direct approach to connecting brands with consumers. No matter how good your products or services might be, just upholding it in front of customers will do little good for your business. You have to connect the brand with customers to influence them in choosing it.

Digital signage’s are much more than the electronic restaurant menu board as it plays a major role in building brands and even go a few steps ahead to earn value for it. In simple words, if you are keen to acquire brand equity, you should know how to use digital signage’s to your advantage.  The aim should be to build a cult following for your brand by projecting it as a concept that relates closely to people’s lifestyle and does not remain merely a product or service. If you look at some top brands like Google or Apple, you would realize how these brands have infiltrated into our lives and have become a part of it.  When searching for anything, we tell people to ‘Google’ it as the brand has become synonymous with searches.

It’s a lifestyle and not a brand

To turn your brand into an extension of a lifestyle, you can use digital signage’s that help to display content that moves beyond product features. There is a certain freshness about digital signage’s. Its immersive qualities create closeness with customers that help to build an identity for your brand that is distinctly different and easily recognizable. The colors, the logo, the fonts and the design in presenting content has the marks of your brand that remains immersed in the content. Use of images and videos make the content more expressive.  You can extend your brand messaging by using digital signage’s intelligently. Choose from various options ranging from interactive brand activation to attractive digital window displays. Providing various digital experiences to customers helps to drive home the brand message with ease.

In this article, we will focus on the various ways that digital signage’s can help you develop a cult following for your brand.

Tell your story

To touch the hearts of customers and bring bands closer to them, the lesser you speak directly about product features better it is. The idea behind the approach is to create a personalized experience with the brand first by convincing customers about the value they could derive from it. When customers become confident about the brand, they would automatically buy it.  For creating a personalized experience, you have to tell a story about the brand that captures the imagination of customers.  The digital signage is an excellent platform for telling stories.You can capitalize on its ability to engage and educate the customers and even influence their behavior and decision about buying by inspiring them.

Create customer engagement

When you can develop a cult following for your brand, it becomes easy to use digital signage’s for engaging closely with customers.  The advantage of using digital signage’s is that it allows customers to interact with the brand by using the interactive features of touch screens. Several users can access information about the brand at the same time without causing any inconvenience to other users as you can set up several screens for displaying the content.  By using advanced technology, it is possible to collect useful customer data from digital signage’s with face recognition features that not only recognizes customers but also collects various demographic data. You can use the data to sever more targeted content for better engagement.

Encourage sharing

Humans have the innate tendency to share experiences that excite them. Digital signage’s provide the opportunity of displaying high-quality content that attracts customers and encourages them to share it with others. Visual content, in particular, stimulates the brain faster and generates positive reactions that result in sharing of content. Word of mouth about the high-quality content would spread far and wide and you could experience more footfalls at the store. Soon you would find customers turning loyal to you.

While people might argue if digital signage’s are outstanding or not, there cannot be any debate about its ability to make you stand out from the crowd. It brings people closer to the brand and provides the opportunity of creating a lasting impact for your brand.


 Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst.  She has exploited the benefits of the electronic restaurant menu board as it plays a major role in building brands in the restaurant industry.