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Here Are Some Of The Most Important Conversion Optimization Numbers You Should Know About

It is that time of the year again when everyone rushes to sum up the year and plan for the next. So these past few weeks we have been working on getting as many numbers as possible to understand the current conversion optimization statistics. Understanding what marketers are doing, how shoppers are behaving, what devices people are converting on and more importantly what to look forward to in 2015 can be a crucial part of your plans for the upcoming year.

Here are some very interesting numbers coming up from this year’s companies and spenders:

  • 63% of marketers optimize websites based on intuition & best practices.
  • 73% of companies have no idea why consumers abandon their shopping carts.
  • Poor A/B testing methodologies are costing online retailers up to $13bn a year in lost revenue.

Here’s what you all should look at in the conversion optimization statistics infographic below:


  • What marketers are doing
  • How Customers Are Spending
  • Conversion by traffic
  • Conversion by Devices
  • Mobile Apps Numbers
  • Where & When to Invest in Social Marketing
  • Making Videos Convert
  • Retail Numbers and Stats


  • What’s next?


This post originally published on Talia Wolf’s blog

Talia helps businesses plan and execute conversion optimization programs. She runs thousands of A/B tests using emotional targeting and persuasive design to grow their business.


Talia is a frequent keynote speaker at marketing conferences and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization. Follow her on twitter at @taliagw and learn more about her conversion optimization training programs.