When you shop for a new laptop or PC, it’s uncommon to see them bundled with some sort of anti-virus software. For example, if I go on to Best Buy and look at the newest laptops, Best Buy tends to throw in a 12-month subscription to Webroot, an anti-virus program.

Most of the time these offers go unused, as Windows Defender offers enough virus protection for most. HP knows this, and they want to go in a different direction, according to their new press release for their new Spectre laptop, the Spectre x360 13.

HP’s New Laptop and Partnership

The press release listed feature after feature, upgrade after upgrade, but the new security improvements are what caught my eye. A way to turn off the webcam, a dedicated mute button for the microphone, an optional, built-in privacy screen: all of these promised as new improvements for the new Spectre.

However, one announcement overshadowed everything else, and that was HP partnering with ExpressVPN, currently one of the more popular VPNs available on the market.

It’s not often that a VPN company partners with a tech company, so the announcement was a pleasant surprise. The partnership brings some benefits to users of the new Spectre as well.

First off, ExpressVPN will be preinstalled on the new Spectre 13, saving users from having to download it themselves. Along with this preinstallation, users will receive a free 30-day trial to the VPN, allowing them to use the VPN before locking themselves into a monthly/yearly subscription.

This may not sound all that special; after all, what good a 30-day trial to a VPN will do? Well, it can do quite a bit, especially if you’re using your laptop in public areas (coffee shops, libraries, universities, etc.).

VPNs keep your data encrypted while on a public network, so any cybercriminal or hacker hoping to steal your information will be unable to.

HP and ExpressVPN’s partnership highlights a growing need for better security in the tech industry, and it seems these two companies are attempting to pave the way for this to take place, though it’s impossible to tell if it will work.

But what’s the harm in this promotional move? Nothing. In fact, ExpressVPN claims that more partnerships will be announced in the next few months, solidifying the growing focus the tech industry is shifting towards.


While HP’s new Spectre 13 won’t be released until sometime in mid-October, HP was kind enough to provide us with more than enough information about the new laptop. Furthermore, the new partnership with ExpressVPN will not only help secure users who may need it but will also spread awareness about the ways in which they can stay secure.

If you’re curious about VPNs, there are plenty of helpful guides to show you how they work. If you’re also interested in the new Spectre, feel free to check out the press release and keep an eye on HP’s website for when the Spectre releases.

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