Tablet wars are getting hot these days, as you may noticed, with Apple gets to be the first to launch its new sleeky iPad device in the US, only two days ago, and HP that now teases us with the rumored 7-inch Windows 7-slate, that reappears in yet another mysterious video clip – this time showing myriad of components you won’t find in Steve Jobs’ dearest portable mate. And if you’re not a tech savvy or an early adopter, mind you these parts we’re talking about include a fancy schmancy USB hub, paired with an SD card expansion slot, some sort of cradle or installation dock to put your lavish device on, and most importantly: integrated webcam that would let you easily conduct multiple Skype talks. Still no official price or availability details to share at this point, but check this out boys and girls – if you plan watching the 30 second video after the break, look closely, because you’ll find a very suspicious USB cable plugged into HP’s slate, which ostentatiously runs Apple iTunes app in the background, and may (just may) indicate a potential for iPhone/ iPod Touch sync support (conspiracy blurbs).



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