It’s not a secret that Intel’s latest 2GHz Atom Processor is looking for new lavish netbooks to sit in, while making its way out to the market in the coming weeks. Now we’ve been told that Intel’s speedy CPU has finally found a fancy ultra-portable device to be accommodated, as Sony officially announces the Vaio X, an 11.1-inch netbook/notebook series that weighs only 1.6 pounds and made out of carbon-fiber materials. True, it ain’t going to be cheap, in fact you’ll have to pay a whopping $1499 – yes you’ve heard that right – one thousand four hundred and ninety nine dollars, that’s what you’ll be asked to shell out in order to get a slim Vaio X machine, including an Atom Z550 processor, tucked with an SSD drive, Windows 7  Home Premium edition, an integrated Verizon 3G slot and a 3.5-hour battery that is claimed to deliver up to 14 hours of work, in case you’re using the “super-extended” battery. Oh, and those of you who are crazy enough to buy one, will also receive a multitouch trackpad to flick and tap around – Duh.

Update: We’ve added an unboxing video of the Vaio X, made by the NewGadgets people, who were kind enough to share their first preview shots among the interweb geeks. In this video, you can see how thin the X series is and why Sony keeps hitting us with top notch machines. Truth to be told, price tag isn’t so friendly in this case, but that’d probably apply to many other products with such a lucrative design. Hard to tell if a Windows 7 was already included, but 3G modem and Intel’s new Atom Z540, are definitely inside. Hit the jump to see the demo.  

[via boygeniusreport]


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