Predicting the future is difficult and dangerous. Predicting the future in the computing industry is considerably more difficult and riskier due to rapid technological change and insurmountable barriers to innovation. Only a small minority of inventions are truly transformative. Some aren’t practical or cost-effective, while others are ahead of their time or haven’t found an audience. There are numerous examples of excellent technology that was never deployed because it was outperformed by others that arrived on time or performed better in the market. As a result, this infographic is merely an attempt to have a better understanding of where technology is headed.

As reported by Accenture, by 2022, financial market firms will be faced with perpetual change, both in the outside world and within their own operations. Firms have traditionally followed a three- to five-year planning cycle with a fixed end state. Today, we’re seeing more and more developments and disruptions occur and scale within that time frame, making the final state a fluid goal.

In the first quarter of 2020, cloud spending was roughly three times that of the previous year, and by November, 70% of cloud users planned to raise their spending as a result of the disruption. These rapid changes, combined with the entry of new technologies, have ushered in a new era of business, one in which architecture is more important than ever, and industrial competitiveness is a battle of technological stacks.

Additionally, businesses now have more technology options than ever before. It might be difficult to sell, bundle, and build solutions for your clients as well as for internal use. The value of digital transformation and leveraging Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) solutions will allow your company to close more deals with greater agility.

Over at ERS IT Solutions, they have created an infographic which takes a look at the Technology Trends in 2022 & Beyond.

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