The lack of recording capabilities in iPod players brings companies to look for useful solutions. One of them is Alesis, who’ve created the ProTrack device that turns your iPod into a handheld digital stereo recorder, thanks to the two built-in condenser microphones and a pair of XLR – 1/4-inch inputs that enable external mics and line connection. Mind you, it can only work with iPod classic, iPod 5G, or iPod nano 2G/3G devices, so if capturing sound effects, recitals, jam sessions, speeches, interviews, rehearsals, performances, meetings, lectures, notes-to-self, or any other audio material directly to iPod is essential for you, and i bet it is, look for this one sometime in Q3, for undisclosed price. Check the specs after the break.


 [Alesis via Gizmodo]

Key features of ProTrack include:

•    Integrated iPod design
•    Records to iPod (Classic or 5th Generation), or iPod nano (2nd or 3rd Generation)
•    Professional connectors: two combination XLR – 1/4-inch inputs, 1/8-inch stereo output
•    Supplies 48V phantom power to inputs when wall-powered
•    Records 16-Bit, 44.1kHz or 22kHz stereo
•    Two built-in condenser microphones for detailed recording
•    Built-in microphones in XY configuration for optimum stereo image
•    Switchable limiter ensures overload-free recordings even in unpredictable aural situations
•    AC power adapter included
•    Four AAA batteries provide up to five hours of operation
•    Tripod stand mount for placing into ideal recording conditions

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