Turns out a staff member named DaHarder, at DAP Review website, was lucky enough to get his hands on one of the few Creative Zii EGG multimedia prototypes available in the market, and kindly shared his recent experience on two short preview videos, that can be found after the break. From his impressions, one can learn the Zii EGG machine (that Creative was just beginning to ship), boasts a 3.5-inch screen display which “compares very favorably” to Sony’s S series OLED, with “shockingly” bright and vibrant colors, while sound quality is described as “the best sounding Creative player” ever heard “and that’s without any EQ/Z-F”. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Hit the jump to take a look.

Update1: And, in case you were looking for one more evidence that will make you believe Creative’s new prototype machine is rockin’, the good guys at AnythingButiPod have managed to put their hands, as well, on one of those Zii EGG developer editions available at the market, and posted their impressions on a clear and bright video that can be watched after the break, still with Plazma OS only rather than Android.

Update2: It’s not out yet, but Creative has just released a firmware update for the Zii EGG machine, version 92.02, which apparently adds media playback support for SD cards, along with some other cool features, including a neat 3D “clothesline”  add-on for landscape view, and a one of a kind stretching feature for browsing lists, that may influence the way we flip long screens. Hit the break to see the news.


[Via DAP Review]





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