Most businesses are connected to the concept of using virtual and augmented reality in some capacity, and while the possibilities may seem endless, that concept also becomes quite overwhelming. Nailing down exactly what VR and AR can do for you may mean looking to where the technology is being used in its most creative form. At museums around the world, artists are stretching the limitations of this tech and it may be that through understanding their concepts one can find how best to employ these tools for their own purposes.

As museums create immersive concepts, pieces that allow for greater depth, and even some ways to change history, it’s crucial to consider what the best way to use this tech may be exploited for you. AR and VR are about to explode into everything from marketing and shopping to education and entertainment, and before that happens in earnest, it’s best to find out how you might explore the tech for your own purposes.

Below, Invaluable has an infographic showing innovations in AR and VR from museums around the world. All it takes is a small amount of imagination to see how this might connect to your and your own professional journey.

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