Apple has really blown our minds away with their latest and greatest Smart Cover revelation, yesterday morning. Designed specifically for iPad 2 devices, the fabulous and colorful covers – soon to be offered in polyurethane or leather flavors – Are made of durable materials and feature a clean design, elegant simplicity, and convenient use. Just snap-on the magnetic attachment, fold it to a triangle stand or get a full iPad protection cover in the most efficient way. So far so good, right? well, not exactly. To put things in the proper context, it looks like Apple didn’t really come up with the Smart Cover idea first. So who did? It was technology protection accessories leader, Incase, that brought it up with its wonderful iPad Convertible Magazine Jacket. Shocking! This isn’t Apple’s original idea, and all that’s left is to figure out whether the Cupertino designing division got permission to use Incase design, got inspired from it, or just “borrowed” the idea without even asking. A few pictures of Incase’s Convertible Magazine Jacket after the break. What do you think?

Update: Incase has finally gotten in contact with us and said the following:

“we will not be commenting on Apple’s case offering for the iPad 2.”

Is anyone surprised?


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Nir Shein

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  1. Attaching a cover onto something with magnets is a generic idea that goes back decades. I did it on a high school project way way back. I think I should get credit.

  2. Incase is lucky that they get to sell ipad cases. Come to think of it, they should be paying apple 30 percent of their sales to apple.

  3. It seems kind of obvious that they did. But that’s kind of Apple’s mo isn’t it? Hopefully incase will get some recognition/compensation.

  4. the only cool thing from the ipad 2 announcment, and it tuns out apple ripped off another company to make it?

    apple stock is about to take a nose dive.

  5. They are both iPad cases that prop iPad up, but so what?

    The point of smart covers is the magnets. Not only that the case attaches and aligns with magnets, but iPad 2 detects the magnets and wakes or sleeps appropriately.

    InCase and other case makers will also be able to make cases for iPad 2 with magnets. iPad 2 is also a different size and needs all-new cases. So all in all, iPad 2 is a bonanza for InCase and other case makers.

  6. To quote Mr. Zuckerberg “A guy who builds a nice chair doesn’t owe money to everyone who ever has built a chair. They came to me with an idea, I had a better one. “

  7. If the Incase cover wasn’t copyrighted yet, they can still get it and then get Apple to pay them or stop the production and sales. And if it already was copyrighted it’s just infringement. IF InCase can proof how the iPad case is the same product/concept.

  8. I guess no one has seen the Apple cases for the first Ipad. *scratches head*. The cases for the first Ipad that Apple created actually look identical to the 2nd generation accept that the second generation cases don’t protect the back of the Ipad 2.

  9. Of course they stole it, just like they steal everything else. The difference is when they steal it the iSheep call it innovation. For everyone else it’s copying.

  10. “They are both iPad cases that prop iPad up, but so what?” – then don’t make big deal when another company make a product looks like an iPad. like Samsung Galaxy tab.

  11. The amount of Apple hostility here is enormous! Just look at both covers! They could not be more different!!The Incase cover has THREE segments! Clearly that is a design by moronic neanderthals! It took Apple’s brilliance to come up with a thruly innovative FOUR-segment cover. So there! Apple shines again!

  12.  The answer is obviously YES. But it seems Apple fanboys can’t admit that even if presented a hard evidence. Well, that’s how Apple’s world works…they steal ideas – it’s cool, they invented them. Samsung copies Apple – sue them! sue the crap out of them!

    Bunch of technologically-challenged fanboys…you buy “new hardware” that has 50% specs than other devices, pay for it 200% more, and call yourself tech-experts cause you use the “best” products. Try “the biggest rip-off” maybe.

    As far as incase is concerned – well, Apple obviously paid them to use their idea. But still, this doesn’t mean that Apple invented it, for god’s sake!

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