If you’re a DJ or someone who wants to mix, scratch, pitch shift, beat match, crossfade, and even add special effects, all wirelessly, you can do it with the new Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 Controller that enables mixing and organizing stored computer tracks via wireless networks. This up-to-date DJ device is equipped with 2 jog wheels (emulating 2 CD/vinyl decks), 2 deck controller, 1 cross fader, 2 volume & pitch sliders, 25 control buttons and 2 backlit LCD screens that display artist, track name, BPM, elapsed time, or track length. In addition, it has “AutoMix” function that can automatically create the mix, as you seat on the couch, controlling the action with the on-board wireless USB. The Mobile DJ Controller supports MP3 and WMA formats, to seamlessly synchronize with your PC or laptop, so you can draw a nice party to your friends wherever you are. To get this cool DJ equipment, you can visit J&R stores and snack one for merely $99.


[Hercules via engadget]

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