While most Nvidia ion-based netbooks are scheduled to go live at the end of this year, HP seems to be the one to take matters into its own hands and be the first to hit the scene with a graphics-boosted netbook device. The model we’re talking about is the Mini 311, which recently showed up on HP’s online shop with an HD compatible 11.6-inch (1,366 x 768) display, Atom N270 processor, an integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and built-in VGA and HDMI ports for external image use. Microsoft’s Windows XP stuffed inside to handle this powerful system, while a near-full-size (92%) keyboard, three USB hubs and Altec Lansing speakers are all part of the deal. Starting price looks pretty attractive, at $399, but any add-on will set you back an extra cash. Thus, an Atom N280, Bluetooth and 802.11n will charge you $25 each, while white flavors are listed for another $20 and 3G WWAN connection is set for $125 more. Nevertheless, we still think it’s a good bargain, especially when it runs a 720p flash video flawlessly. See for yourself after the break.

Update1: It’s not that we needed any further proof to make us believe that HP’s Mini 311 netbook is capable handling advanced high-def media files better than others, but just in case, here are some facts – risen from LaptopMag’s benchmark tests – to maintain our claims: on the PCMark 05, the 311 has scored 1,917 points, that’s 500 points above the average, while the PCMark 06 review has given the 311 a 1,386 score, which is  1,200 on top of the ordinary and just about the same score as a MacBook Air. Very impressive, isn’t it?

Update2: If you have any plans on getting one, the guys at MyHPMini discovered interesting details from HP’s service manual. In general, the 311 will soon be out in different Windows 7  versions, including Windows 7 Starter, Basic, Premium, and Professional flavors. Additionally, you’ll also get a chance to upgrade your netbook and stuff inside cool specs like:

  • NVIDIA ION, the FULL platform, only with Windows 7
  • 1GB RAM (plus 1GB on-board ram), total 2GB
  • 2GB RAM (plus the 1GB on-board), total 3GB
  • 80GB Solid-State-Drive (SSD)
  • 250GB Hard Drive, 5400rpm, only with Windows 7
  • 320GB Hard Drive, 5400rpm, only with Windows 7

Now that’s what we’re looking for.




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