At last, after long expectations and some high hurdles standing in the way, Apple’s mobile star – the iPhone – finally lands in Israel and gets official across the state. It’s been over a month since we first started guessing about potential debut dates, optional packages and probable prices to be set. Back than it was just rumors, now it’s for real. Official release started exactly on midnight, December 10th, with both Pelephone and Cellcom organizing a huge event, while Orange deciding to go with a more restrained release, the day after.

Pelephone was the first company to officially publish their iPhone prices – fair or terribly expensive, it’s up to you to decide:

First package: includes an 18 month obligation with a monthly fee of 299NIS that includes 250 minutes of talk, 250 SMS messages, and 10GB data. The iPhones will cost in this package as follows: iPhone 3G 8GB 399NIS (one time fee), iPhone 3GS 16GB 799NIS and finally, iPhone 3GS 32GB will run for 1199NIS.

Second Package: Same as first package, includes an 18 month obligation, this time with a monthly fee of 349NIS that includes 300 minutes of talk, 300 SMS messages, and 10GB data. The iPhones will cost in this package as follows: iPhone 3G 8GB FREE,  iPhone 3GS 16GB 399NIS and finally, iPhone 3GS 32GB will run for 799NIS. Sells will start at the night between the 9th and the 10th of December, while first buyers are claimed to received some cool freebies. Checkout the table after the break (courtesy of Calcalist).

Turns out if you don’t want to get into a package and commit yourself to a cellular company for 18 months, you can buy the iPhone “on the go” (without any obligation) in the following prices: iPhone 3G 8GB at 2625NIS, iPhone 3GS 16GB for 3150 and iPhone 3GS 32GB will cost you in Pelephone 3675.

Orange came second to release the iPhone prices, and it seems their packages are more reasonable for average mobile users (despite the poor data capacities). For example, a monthly fee of 159NIS package will buy you 100 minutes of talk, 50 SMS messages, and 30MB data. Other alternative that Orange offers is “Air Time” packages which let you buy a monthly talking time for a fixed price. For example, 169NIS will give you 200 minutes to speak with your friends and family, send 200 SMS/MMS messages and consume 250MB of data. The third option that Orange has published is the “Fix Price” packages with permanent 19.9NIS fee fee and prices that start at 81.3NIS for 36 months for those who will take the iPhone 3G and up to 113.8NIS in the next 3 years, in case you decide to buy the iPgone 3GS 32GB edition. For more details about the packages hit the break and see the charts.

Cellcom was the last company to release the iPhone prices, among the three. Their first package includes a 249NIS monthly fee that will get you 300 minutes of talk, 250 SMS messages, and 1GB data. In this package iPhones will cost you 799NIS (iPhone 3G), 1299NIS (iPhone 3GS 16GB) and 1699NIS (iPhone 3GS 32GB). The second package is priced at 349NIS per month and includes 400 minutes of talk, 500 SMS messages, and 1GB data. In this package iPhone devices will cost you 399NIS (iPhone 3G), 799NIS (iPhone 3GS 16GB) and 1299NIS (iPhone 3GS 32GB). All packages involve 18 months contract and you can get the unlimited data for extra 60NIS a month. More details and upgrade plans are now available in Cellcom’s website.

Update: We’ve just added some photos, taken today while we were touring for iphone queues. So far haven’t found any. Last 2 images are courtesy of iPhones.co.il, while previous two came from Cellcom’s PR.





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