Sony strikes again, this time with the new NW-A840 mp3 player, which is a 7.2mm walkman device that sports a 2.8-inch OLED display, upscaled to 720×480 pixel resolution via a built-in TV output. In addition, the A840 is probably one of the first portable audio  machines we’ve ever seen, to include a staggering 64GB flash drive storage, which lets you accommodate your entire audio/video library collection on such a tiny frame. Also bundled inside the box are Sony’s premium MDR-EX300SL earbuds, which come along with a reasonable battery, claimed to deliver up to 29-hours of music playback or 9 hours of video. Scheduled to October 31st, you get to choose out of three different A-series versions – the first, 16GB NW-A845 priced at ¥24,000 (or $265), the second, 32GB NW-A846 which will cost you ¥30,000 (or $330), and THE third, a 64GB NW-A847 that will set you back for ¥40,000 (or $440) – all available either in Brown/Gold flavors (in picture) or an elegant Black.

Update: Looks like Sony just rolled out a European version of that Japanese NW-A840 walkman, which boasts exactly the same features, including a 2.8-inch OLED, paired with 7.2mm thin body and 28 hours of audio playback, but named NW-A845 and available in a 16GB “Falcon Black” version, only. Image after the break.

[Via Sony Insider]


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