The Future Of Video And How Powerful It’s Gonna Be


All the statistics that surround video as a medium tell us that it is the future and brands not engaged in video or planning to implement it are seriously setting themselves up to fail. Here is an example. By 2019, it would take one person in excess of five million years to watch the volume of video that will be crossing global IP networks every month by then. Here is another. In three years, consumer internet video traffic will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic on a global scale.

It is not just brands and companies that are noticing. Consumers love video and they also love to hate it when it’s done badly. Let’s take this example. More than three in every four consumers say that they have bought a product or service after watching a video. The flipside is, if it is a bad quality explainer video, consumers will let you know as it turns them off making a purchase entirely. Other elements that put consumers off include how long a video is, bad animation and unclear explanations of the product or service.

For a more detailed analysis of the power of video and where it will lead us in the future, see this infographic created by the people over at One Productions.