Heard of Expensify? It is one of the best apps for quick expense reports with more than 2.5 million users around the world. Looking for mobile email that works on any device, for any email account? Try Outlook for Mobile. Acompli, the developers of the app sold it to Microsoft for $200 million, such was the demand for the app.

Need an app that will keep all of your sensitive information safe? Use 1Password where everything in your app vault is protected by a master password that only you know. Are you in the market for an app that will make meetings so much more streamlined? GoToMeeting is the top choice for when everyone involved cannot physically be in a meeting room together.

Are you a team leader or a department head? Need to keep on top of what your team are doing to report back to the ‘higher-ups’? Keep everything on deadline and easily accessible with Trello, the app that works best for delegating team work and keeping your projects running smoothly.

For a more detailed look and visual illustration of these apps, see the infographic below which has been created by the Brighton School of Business and Management.

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