Waterproof speakers are not a rare product and you can find them in many wet places, including showers, pools or even in sinks. The only problem is that you have to take your precious mp3 player with you into the water in order to play your favorite music, and as you know, it can be very risky. To solve the problem, we have a chance to introduce a pair of wireless speakers with floating capabilities, that can play your music up to 150ft away, which means you won’t need to gamble on your player’s life. Just get inside, let the speakers float and hit the tunes as they are wirelessly transferred from a safety dry land. Equipped with a small transmitter, the speakers will hook up to any 3.5mm audio output, like media players, computers and even a TV set, so if you look for your next melodies companion, while enjoying a sunny day in the pool, it will cost you around $80.


[via shinyshiny]

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