Shooting games are very popular among the gamers communities, specially when it comes to futuristic combat zones, which provide next-gen battle field experiences and top-notch weapons to handle. But the excitement, doesn’t necessarily, have to stay in our leaving rooms, in front of the game consoles,  It can also be shifted to our multimedia hanheld, as it was carried out by Microsoft, with the announcement of the “Gears of War 2” Zune 120 special edition PMP, pre-loaded with tons of freebies, including 244 fragments from the game, the soundtrack, behind-the-scenes videos, making the art, and many more, all packed in a blackish version, engraved with a shady skull at the back, now available for pre-orders at Walmart.com and Amazon.com, if you can shell out $280 and wait for the shipping date, somewhere around November.

[via gmp3]

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