Preparation is essential for any pursuit in life, but especially one like sailing where there is a large element of risk if things go wrong. Before taking to open waters, you need to be well trained in operating a boat and you need to have acquired a sizeable amount of knowledge so that you’ll know what to do, or at least be able to use a calculated judgement, if a challenging situation arises.

In fact, even the most experienced of sailors still crave every bit of information and guidance that they can access, which is why they are likely to have a large chunk of their smartphone memory taken up by sailing-related apps. Their catalogue of apps is likely to contain some that help with navigation, some that provide live information on tides, some that are great for tutorials and some that are essential for reference. The Boater’s Pocket Reference, in particular, is one app that should be on the smartphone of any sailing enthusiast, regardless of whether they’re never sailed before or have first-hand experience of all of the world’s seas.

This infographic from East Fremantle Yacht Club profiles 10 apps that are sure to be of enormous benefit to any sailor. Check out the full list below…you might just spot one or two that aren’t in your collection!

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