Always on the go, almost every professional relies on mobile technology to take care of business whenever and wherever it calls. But when companies and organizations rely on customer data collection, chances are that everything from customer calls to company meetings will need to be recorded and stored for constructive use. The good news is that advancements in the app world have found a way to bridge the gap between mobility and the need for data storage. Professionals no longer need to be tied to a desk to help customers. They can be out in the field using their mobile technology.

Taking a work related call on a mobile device isn’t exactly a new phenomenon in our increasingly on-the-go world, but it does present an issue for many businesses and professions. There are quite a few reasons that businesses record calls—quality assurance, record keeping, and data collection all have their place in the business world. But increasingly, mobile devices in the field are being used to take and send those calls that used to go through company landlines. That’s where mobile recording apps come into play. While these apps can record calls, they can also tag, record, and transmit photos and videos to home office databases.

These apps are used for a variety of reasons, each of them important to the business using their services. So check out just a few of the professions that need a mobile recording app these days.

Insurance Claim Adjusters

From inspecting property damage to interviewing claimants and witnesses, there are a wide range of reasons a claim adjustor would need to be able to record and transmit data on his or her mobile device.

Emergency Responders

When police, firemen, or EMS arrive on the scene, they most often use their cell phones as primary points of contact. Without a mobile recording app, the critical content from these calls would be lost.

Social Workers

In many cases, social workers face situations that require them to make a serious decision regarding child welfare in an unsafe environment. These apps make gathering and sharing information about a situation easier and more transparent.

Financial Institutions

New legislation in several different countries, including the U.S. and the United Kingdom, require financial institutions to record and store calls and SMS messages.


Journalistic ethics demand that all parties on the line know they are being recorded during a conversation, but if that’s the case, then mobile recording apps are an excellent tool for making sure the a quote or source is being used exactly as it should.

Customer Service

Recording customer service calls is standard practice for assuring that the quality help is being provided, but in many cases the calls might not be answered from a cubicle, but out in the field on a company issued phone. Mobile recording apps are perfect for maintaining clarity and mediating disputes.

Construction Inspectors

Working in the field is a constant part of construction inspector’s job. Gathering and relaying data from calls and GPS coordinates for future use is a necessary component of the job, made easy with a mobile recording app.

Health Inspectors

You may think of health inspectors as the guys who shut down that shady burger joint on the corner, but they also take on a variety of other fieldwork, such as lead paint inspection and water and air quality monitoring. All of this data from the field needs to be recorded and transmitted as efficiently as possible.

Transportation Inspectors

By definition, this job requires quite a bit of fieldwork. Recording and transmitting detailed data on the various forms of transportation used by the public is a serious job, and a mobile recording app ensures that it’s done quickly and accurately.


Meeting with clients at their homes or offices requires a level of flexibility that a mobile device is perfect for. Making sure every point is clear and agreed upon is essential, and a mobile recording app ensures they have detail just right.

As you can see, these apps are essential for anyone working out of the office. The ease of recording important calls, photos, and videos for later retrieval makes these apps the go-to for professionals in the field.


This is a guest post by Emily Hunter crafts content on behalf of the mobile recording app specialists at Kova Corp. In her spare time, she cheers for Spirit of Atlanta, Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment, creates her own sodas, and crushes tower defense games. Follow her on Twitter at @Emily2Zen

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