6 Benefits of Using Vehicles to Advertise Your Small Business

Having a small business can be tough work, with a small budget and a long list of things that need doing. Advertising is all about getting your name out there, with numerous ways to go about it, but what better way to do it than an eye-catching wrap for your vehicle. Getting a vehicle wrap will not only make a memorable first impression but a lasting one at that. If you’re not already sold on the idea, here are some benefits to sway you forward.


As mentioned earlier, small businesses are put under tight budget pressures. Putting your advert on billboards and other recurrent-cost methods just guzzles your finances. Vehicle wraps from companies like are cost-effective, with the average professional price for a full wrap being $2,500-$5,000. This seems like a lot of money, but the staying power will give you years of advertisement, and you will easily make a return through increased custom.


Having your car vehicle wrapped will add a layer of protection from dents and scratches made by flying debris. You don’t need to worry about damaging the original paintwork of the vehicle because specialists can easily remove the vehicle wrap; you will never know it was there.

Attention Please!

Colorful vehicle wraps will put your company above the rest; white vans just don’t grab people’s attention. Your colorful vehicle will automatically draw eyes. When designing your vehicle wrap, you can use color to generate different responses by doing a little reading into color psychology.

Far and Wide

If you’re lucky enough to have a fleet of vehicles and travel across the country, you can reach thousands of viewers per month. Vehicle wrapping is often seen a lot more over people stumbling across websites by chance because anyone can access the advert.


On the whole, customers react better to advertising that isn’t in their face, like radio adverts and handing out flyers. Advertisements with as few disruptions to potential customers are the most effective. Vehicle wraps get your message across without causing any disturbance to anyone. Another form of non-aggressive advertising is using social media.

Get Moving

Stationary adverts like billboards rely heavily on potential customers coming across them, and during rush hour, these are likely to be the same people daily. Investing in a vehicle wrap allows your advert to become mobile and will be seen by more people.


You should ideally get a professional to do your car, but it is possible to do it yourself. It will take longer, and you could mess it up before you master it, but once you have you have mastered the technique, you will save a lot of money – especially if you have more than one vehicle.

Hopefully, now you have seen enough benefits of vehicle wrapping for adverts that you’re already scrambling to get a quote. If not, then get on the phone and speak to a reputable specialist – an investment in vehicle wrapping is a futureproof spend.



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