The iPad is scheduled to go live in less than 24 hours now, and there seems to be an enormous excitement  across the blogsphere pond – everyone is looking forward to Saturday morning fete. Apple’s week is definitely going to be busy and long queues will start stretching along the streets – it’s going to be fun, no doubt. But the iPad, which most people would probably define as an internet surfing board, lacks Flash and that’s completely rigid, especially for the sake of web video support . Still, Apple has just released a descent list of various popular websites which are said to include latest web standard components such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that suppose to fully support the iPad internet experience. Among those sites you’ll find CNN, Reuters, New York Times, Vimeo, Time, Major League Baseball, The White House, Virgin America, Sports Illustrated, Flickr, People Magazine and TED. Happy Surfing!


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Nir Ben Yona Shein
Internet freak and technology geek; Aspiring screenwriter, devoted tech blogger & Technologer chief editor . Early adopter with a keen interest in gadgets, technology, internet and mobile.

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