While technology world is at its first steps getting into the portable touchscreen era, French corporation Archos was always there first to come out with the most advanced and sophisticated media devices around, and as of now, it seems the company had done it again with yesterday’s interesting announcement of the Archos 9 Windows 7 tablet PC, which is literally a 16mm thick / 800gm of portable netbook device, made in the form of tablet unit that boasts an 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen, along with Intel’s Atom Z515 processor, up to 120GB of storage capacity, 802.11b/g WiFi connection, built-in Bluetooth 2.1 antenna, integrated 1.3MP webcam, 10/100 Ethernet port, two stereo speakers, a microphone and even an optional 3.5G HSUPA WWAN support. Official release is scheduled for somewhere around September this year, while prices start at 450 Euros ($630) for basic version and up to 500 Euros ($705) for the premium models. Head forward, after the break, there’s a nice video preview from techvideoblog, together with a full specs table and some first hands-on images.

Update1: Looks like UK fanboys will be able to nab the Archos 9, either with 80GB or 160GB capacities, for 449.99 Euros ($735) and 499.99 Euros ($815), respectively. Still no word from the French about official release dates, but we’re following.

Updatte2: And word just came in, the Archos 9 tablet is said to be released in October 22nd, concurrently with Windows 7, starting at $499.

Update3: Looks like Archos 9 is finally up for a pre-order. With an 8.9-inches display on top and Windows 7 Starter onboard, this $549.99 tablet machine is one awesome portable device that will let you exult and rock.

Update4: We’ve added another Archos 9 image, this time dissected, courtesy of the US FCC that has torn it apart before approving the North American debut.

Update5: Despite previous announcements, it looks like Archos 9 tablet PC is now due for release somewhere around the first quarter of 2010, instead of mid October 2009. We’re not sure what are the reasons for this delay, but guess you will have to take it for granted.

Update6: The good guys at UMPCPortal were lucky to get the Archos 9, a month before official debut, preloaded with a 60GB hard drive and Intel’s 1.1GHz Atom processor inside. Too bad it runs the Windows 7 starter edition which lacks those nifty tablet features you can use in the Premium and Ultimate versions. Nevertheless, checkout their unboxing video after the break.








[images are courtesy of ArchosLounge]

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