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Pasen to Introduce the F10 MP3 Player

Pasen revealed a new mp3 player, the F10. The new device.

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Archos TV+ Has DVR And WiFi Support

Archos released the Archos TV+, a stationary version of its Archos.

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Sony PS3 Gets White In North America

PS3 gets Ceramic White color for the US market. It looks.

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Sharp SP600 PMP Unveiled

Sharp introduced the SP600 PMP, in Japan. It has a 4.3″.

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Macworld 2008: Apple Introduced The Apple TV Take II Edition

This is not a new hardware, just a free extensive software.

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Macworld 2008: Apple Introdued iTunes 7.6 Movie Rentals Service

Now it is official, Apple announced on movie rentals service for.

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CES 2008: iRiver Unit II Was Saved For Dessert

iRiver was a major showing player at the CES this year..

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iTunes' Movie Rental Service To be Announced Next Week

Apple is about to announce on a new movie rental service.

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CES 2008: A Range Of Wiimote Weaponry Unveiled

CTA Digital introduced some new armory, designed for the Nintendo Wii.

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CES 2008: Mitsubishi Introduced A Laser TV

So far, we’ve seen many product upgrades at the CES show,.

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CES Communication Games

PSP Officialy Skyped – Is This The Mic?

Recent speculations, concerning Skype application on the PSP console are becoming.

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CES 2008: Intel's Menlow System Showing Up

One of the hottest issues at the CES is the MID.

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Pinnacle Video Transfer Device

Pinnacle is about to unveil a new video transfer box, at.

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Sony PSP Might Get Skype Support

Recent speculations about Skype, coming to the PSP console, have just.

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Games News

Sony PSP Is Open For PS1 Titles

Good news for Sony PSP owners, the new PS3/PSP firmware update,.

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