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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Five Years Later


We all know how bad game was CS: GO when it first came out, when we had a show match with the best professional CS 1.6 players. Half of the players from that match retired, probably just because of how bad game it was and VALVE pressure at any cost CS: GO to alter legendary CS 1.6.

Things about CS: GO changed dramatically in the past five years. We had great updates like new guns, guns tremendous changes in the maps even tugging the maps from competitive games.

The fortunately VALVE listen professionals and makes updates to the game that balance, but there are two things that I don’t like in these updates.

  1. In order to be successful you have to follow the Meta. Example before nerf m4a1-s was too powerful and players who played with the other m4a4 were in the background.
  2. Why VALVE with each update makes the CS: GO easier and easier to play or need less and less skill. Example the last update map de_Nuke no longer need strafe jump to climb the silo.

As for the second one VALVE should perhaps consider these changes to put a special section where is unprofessional playing (competitive matchmaking).

CS: GO crosshairs vs CS 1.6 crosshair

The difference is great when comparing crosshairs in CS: GO and CS 1.6.

In CS 1.6 can be selected small, medium or large crosshair and crosshair can be set as dynamic or static.

On the other hand in CS: GO you can choose between six different crosshair styles.

All are different from each other but I will mention only two style 4 and style 5. These two styles are the best and most used.

Style 4 is completely static while style 5 spread while shoot.

If you ask anyone who has experience in both games will say that CS 1.6 has a much better crosshair of CS: GO.

Not sure why VALVE not import it crosshair from CS 1.6 but I think this has to do something with the above “balance” not be same players are on stage.

Time has shown that to some extent succeeded but it is the result of Legends players from CS 1.6 to retire and do not want to adapt to the new game.

If we look now we see that the best from 1.6 remain at the top but they have competition from new players that no one had heard in CS 1.6.

CS: GO graphics vs CS 1.6 graphics

I think everyone here will agree that CS: GO has much better graphics but need a better PC to be able to play.

If to take into account the CS: GO is a better game than 1.6 and is much improved from first time came out.


This is a guest post by Antonio Dimitrovski. You can read more from him on his blog, GoCrosshair.