Although it may seems hard to play this shooter game with your fingers, tapping on the multi-touch screen, we like the idea and the intention of bringing 3D games to the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Counter Strike is just the beginning, yes it’s buggy, hard to control and barely playable, but I’m sure it will be improved with the next versions. The installation is a bit complicated for tech fogies, so just check out the following video. If you insist trying it, read the instructions after the break.

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1.You must go into your iPod using SSH. Locate into the folder:
If you haven´t the folders just create them!
2.Then you gonna need to download this
3.When you´ve done downloading, extract the two files to your desktop.
4.Now you need to copy both files in the Doom folder from step one. When it´s asking to
owerwrite, just click yes.
5.Okay, next you need to set all permissions to 755, that means the doom.app folder under
/Applications/Doom.app and all data in it. Then you do the same with the Doom folder
under /private/var/root/Media/Doom. Of course the two files in it, too.
6.Then you´re done. Hopefully that works for you! I did not used illegal files!!!!!

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