Every year, Greenpeace releases the “Guide to Greener Electronics”, indicating the “green” level of electronic companies and placing them on a 0-10 analog meter scale. The guide, which rates performance based on policies and practices on toxic chemicals and electronic waste, shows that Asian companies like Samsung and Toshiba have won the highest score, gaining 7.7 points, while Nintendo has scored only 0.3 points, “earning” the most feckless e-waste company of 2008. Other 18 tech companies in the guide, include Microsoft, Sharp, Sony Ericsson, Philips, Acer, Hp, Motorola, and more. According to Greenpeace toxic waste campaigner, Iza Kruszewska, “The challenge is clear. To be truly green, the IT industry needs to commit to designing products that are free of toxic chemicals, are energy efficient, durable, and recyclable while taking full responsibility for them globally, including when they become waste“, and we say – Amen.


[via slashgear]

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