With so many appliances in our homes from your stove to the dishwasher, it’s difficult to figure out what to do when these necessities suddenly malfunction especially if you are living alone. Got a fridge that suddenly stopped working? Don’t buy a new one just yet. Read on and maybe you’ll save yourself from the extra cost with these DIY repairs!

Problem: Fridge not cooling

According to Liz Welch of Real Simple, A refrigerator not cooling can be caused by “The condenser coils found behind the kick plate at the front or the back of the unit, they can easily become caked with dust. A quick fix would be to unplug the refrigerator, loosen dirt with a soft-bristle brush, then vacuum. Another cause could be the gaskets (the rubber strips that seal the doors shut). To install a gasket, take out the old one and screw the new one in, making sure the door is properly aligned. “

 Problem: Leaking dishwasher

Are you faced with a puddle of water after using the dishwasher? A common cause is using too much soap. A recommended amount should be stated in the manual since the amount of detergent varies with each machine. Use less detergent to eliminate the production of too much suds that cause the dishwasher to overflow. Another cause could also be a broken door latch. In this case, you should have a repairman fix this. You might need to pay for labor and extra parts but this sure beats buying a whole new unit altogether.

 Problem: Noisy washing machine

There’s nothing more annoying than a very noisy washing machine. Washing your clothes shouldn’t be this rattling!

A possible cause could be that the washing machine is off balance or the floor where the washing machine is placed cannot support its weight. A quick solution to this is to put a thick piece of plywood at the bottom of your washing machine in order to level the unit. Alternatively, you may also lessen the load or avoid overloading your unit with more clothes than it can handle to eliminate the noise your washing machine makes.

 Bonus tips: 

  • Before attempting any repairs or deciding to buy a new unit, check your warranty if it’s still covered. Doing your own repairs will void the item’s warranty
  • Always refer to the owner’s manual or even try calling their hotline if in case you are unsure of the repair you are about to do
  • If your appliance needs to be replaced, make sure to dispose of the damaged one responsibly. Don’t just leave it anywhere as its wiring may cause home fires. Call your city hall and ask if they do disposal of large items or send it to the junk shop
  • Important: Before doing any DIY repairs, make sure you know what you are doing. If you are not confident in the repair, it’s best to ask a pro to do it for you or you might just cause further damage to the unit, even worse- hurt yourself.



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