When you think about the name IKEA, you usually think of something that looks like it belongs in the home decor department, right? Well, more or less, but not necessarily at all times. What else could IKEA possibly offer other than modern beautiful furniture combinations? Um.. I think it is a question of using imagination rather than logic. Why? Because the Swedish giant have gone and released a mobile keyboard for iOS and Android devices.

That’s right, IKEA now has its own keyboard app that will help you visually communicate your emotions using Emojis and Emoticons. The aim, IKEA explains, is to provide a better way to improve communication between people who decided to live together, in the sense that a lot of arguments revolving around the clutter issues inside the house, and the app, which has just been released, is going to help them out by letting them download the keyboard and ultimately, make their life a lot more successful and organized.

With that, IKEA thinks that you will add more happiness, peace, and universal love to your life.

Does it make any sense to you?

[youtube id=”UX02Ecfhndk”]

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Nir Ben Yona Shein
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