Mordecai Holtz is the Co-CEO of Blue Thread Marketing (, a boutique digital marketing agency working with a range of clients from startups to cities. With each client, our goal is to weave a unique digital narrative that provides maximum engagement, quality content, and optimal management across all digital channels. Mordecai serves as a mentor to the local startup scene and is an active contributor on several industry blogs serving the global social media community.
Computers New

How AI is Changing the Future of Job Market

What else captures the imagination than artificial intelligence? In the past,

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CES Mobile New News

Kunpeng 920: Huawei Unveils World’s Highest-Performance ARM-based CPU

Just in time for CES 2019, Chinese tech leader Huawei, strategically

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General Mobile

The Rise and Power of a Comprehensive Customer Driven Digital Platform

What do the tech companies of today and digital-born organizations all

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Communication Mobile

Customer Driven Digital Transformation the Mastermind for Business Development

Companies seeking to achieve digital transformation success must place the customer

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Hardware Mobile Wearables

What is the future of augmented reality (infographic)

Augmented reality might be fun for now, but the technology has

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General Internet

How Huawei and Fortune 500 Companies are completing the Digital Transformation Journey?

We live in an era of unprecedented technological innovation. According to

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Computers Hardware

By Rethinking One Button Huawei MateBook Disrupts the Entire Laptop Market

  In today’s computer market, it’s hard to disrupt an entire

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An open ICT Platform and Ecosystem is Reshaping Business  

  New Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is slated to disrupt

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General Mobile Reviews Wearables

REVIEW: Living with a Huawei Smartwatch

  Even as someone who appreciates tech, coming from the West,

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Internet Marketing

Report: The Real ROI of Social Media Marketing

Social media and digital marketing is everywhere. Any brand attempting to

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This Cool Hydra Self Healing Case Can Cure Your Iphone 6 and 6 Plus From Scratches

There’s no shortage of options for finding a quality case for

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