Over the past few years I have built over five hundred websites manually or CMS on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

I tried so many web hosting companies and know for nearly all pros and cons. From all companies I’ve tried, JustHost is one of the best web hosting companies with many pros and one cons which in my case was pros, but from many reviews and customer testimonials their features is cons, probably from those customer testimonials, big percent are not technicians.

JustHost is most affordable web hosting on the market. I will recommend and easily give JustHost 5 from 5 stars for their features, price, ease of use and support. For support and customer testimonials you can read later in this ultimate review of JustHost.

JustHost Prices

From my experience with JustHost you get a lot more from the price compared to other web hosting companies. I should use JustHost earlier that was my fault. Earlier I’ve hosted my website with another hosting company, it was the best web hosting company at least on the reviews that I’ve read and use more money fixing problems caused by the hosting company that I used.

That is not case with JustHost, but I’m here to share my experience with you in this review so you don’t need to check and lose time and money trying which one is better. For best price you can visit our coupon codes review of JustHost coupon codes and get 30% OFF discount or 50% OFF discount.

JustHost have features that can satisfy all users with their great cPanel from shared hosting to dedicate with plugins and ease of use for every users, professionals or beginners. One thing that is true for all business if you sing up for more time you have more discount or bonus in the price.

JustHost right now have promotion for 12 months sign up for only $1.99 per month with Starter shared hosting plan, so you have for $23.88 one year web hosting from one of the best web hosting companies JustHost. Sign up for one month or pay the real price $7.99 with Starter plan.

The only downside of Starter plans is that he is limited to one website. JustHost gives you one domain name for free with sign up no matter which plan you sign up.

JustHost have three main plans:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS and
  • Dedicated

If you are reading this review you probably need shared hosting but I’m not excluding you are professional and you need VPS or even dedicated plan. I will recommend when you sign up with JustHost check the Site Backup Pro for only $1.99 per month you are completely safe for any data loss with daily backups.

Customer Support

If you mess something or being hacked and everyone who work is making errors you can contact JustHost support and they will restore your site and you are good to go.

On the same page you will have more choices I will recommend Domain Privacy Protection for only $0.99 per month, but it’s up to you, this will protect from checking you private info and give JustHost as owner and not your name, surname, address etc. Back on support from my own experience I would give JustHost support a 5 from 5 stars, but from many customer testimonials we can see that they are complaining about Justhost support. I’m not sure if they are just not professionals which no need to be or I have been just lucky. Every time when I contact JustHost support they were fast in response and fast in fixing the problem.

You don’t need to worry for nothing if you aren’t satisfied JustHost money back guarantee is here, they will refund you within 45 days, but read term of use if you buy more features like another domain beside free they give you. You will not be refunded of course for that.

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