While impatiently waiting for Samsung’s N510 ION-based netbook to finally show up in Europe, and with models like N110 , N120 or the NC310 already splashing deep in the pond, it seems the Koreans should better straighten out the lines instead of launching new ones. Nevertheless, and despite crowded rooms, the company just rolled out two new models to the pile, as the first, N130, is yet another 10.1-inch Atom machine netbook that packs exactly the same features its predecessors have, while the second, N140, is not much of a difference, although it has a pair of 3W stereo speakers and a stronger battery (5,900 mAh) that is claimed to deliver up to 11 hours of usage. In any case, both devices will presumably include a lightweight MS Office inside while colors wise, they will run at your choice either in black, white, sea blue or peach pink flavors, somewhere this month.

[via Crave]

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