Sony has introduced its latest PMX-M89 PMP, designed exclusively for the Chinese market and equipped with a 4.3-inch wide screen (480 x 272), an FM tuner, a microphone, 9EQ, a memory card slot and 16GB of storage capacity. It is sized at 116.9 x 74 x 12.7 mm and has a Map Browser which is a sort of an A-GPS application to navigate your way, wherever you are. Format support is reasonable, with MP3, WMA, AAC audio files, AVi, MP4, MPEG-4 video files and JPEG compatibility for image files. Available in black and white, the player will play 6 hours of video or 18 hours of audio , so if Sony is a brand you like and China is your next destination, $330 and the player is yours.

[via gmp3]

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