Well, looks like it didn’t take the good fellows over at iFixit a long time to get their hands on a brand new iPad 2, and then tear it apart into several small bite-sized pieces. To put things in a nutshell, their findings suggest (at least when it comes to the WiFi-only version) that Apple’s second-gen iPad device (model number A1395) includes pretty much the same size battery as the iPad 1 – a 3.8V, 25 watt-hour unit, alongside a 1GHz A5 CPU, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 NAND Flash, and a Broadcom: BCM43291HKUBC WiFi controller. Furthermore, there’s also a clear evidence for the existence of a S6T2MLC N33C50V Power Management IC, tucked with a tiny biny gyroscope (AGD8 2103), and a small pair of integrated speakers. And if you’re seriously interested in this fascinating topic, head on past the break to watch iFixit’s full-fledged explanatory coverage.




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