It’s not everyday that we stumble upon a 10.1-inch tablet machine that can actually live with a large variety of systems onboard. At first we weren’t even sure it was possible (dual boot aside), but with Axon Logic’s latest and greatest Haptic device, we may well find ourselves proven wrong. Generally speaking, it’s one of those ordinary tablets running Intel’s Atom processor inside with 2GB of RAM, 320GB of storage, one resistive 10.1-inch touchscreen and three speedy USB 2.0 ports. But with all due respect to those basic netbook-like inner parts this bad boy boasts, the big story here is the (unlicensed) Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms that the company has apparently managed to make the Haptic work with and provided full compatibility and support. Of course, this privilege does not come cheap (about $750) so be sure to have your check book at the ready if you find yourself shopping Axon Logic’s tablet instead of other attractive alternatives, available across the pond.

[Axon Logic]

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