It looks like Creative is about to push out a firmware update for the latest Ziio tablet that launched in the last couple of months, with Google’s Android 2.1 OS already preloaded on board. And while we highly recommend getting a new Android tablet with Honeycomb platform installed, the 7-incher on the other hand will have an Android Froyo upgrade, coming this Friday, and another one for the 10-inch model in the next few weeks or, so. The new update looks like it will be bringing greater language compatibility, as well as new passcode options, a text-to-speech engine and external storage app installation support. And if you don’t have any plans to switch to the current Android 3.0 operating system anytime soon, you can get this update either from Creative’s website or the ZiiO Space portal, once it’s finally released.



Android 2.2 OS Upgrade Now Available on Creative ZiiO™ 7″ Tablet
Free Web Upgrades for Current Users Will Start 25 March 2011

Creative Technology Ltd has upgraded its Creative ZiiO 7″ Android-based tablets to Android 2.2. Current Creative ZiiO 7″ owners will be able to enjoy a free upgrade via support.creative.com or the ZiiO Space portal found on their tablets, beginning 25 March 2011.

In addition, the Creative ZiiO 7″ with Android 2.2 will begin shipping on 18 March 2011*, while the Creative ZiiO 10″ is expected to ship with Android 2.2 by April 2011*.

Users of the Creative ZiiO tablets with Android 2.2 can look forward to enjoying these enhancements:
• Flexibility to install apps using either on-board memory or external storage media
• Flexibility of viewing pages in both desktop and mobile formats – which means that pages can now be seen in their original lay-out without truncation
• Improved security with the addition of numeric pin or alpha-numeric password options to unlock device
• Greater localised language support added
• Text-to-Speech Engine

For more information on the Creative ZiiO tablets, please visit www.creative.com/purewireless.


* For full details on in-country availability, please visit www.creative.com. Purchasers who have bought Creative ZiiO 7″ tablets with Android 2.1 at local stores can easily upgrade to Android 2.2 free of charge by visiting support.creative.com.

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