Looks like Dell is sneaking out to the market another netbook version, which seems to be one of those Mini 10 sequels, only with Intel’s Atom N270 processor instead of the Z lineup. Having its first appearance on Dell’s May catalog [PDF link], the new Mini 10v edition, which also carries the titles “Bear” or model 1011, will pack the usual 120GB hard drive, along with a 1.3 megapixel webcam, 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP onboard – all attractively priced at $299 (that’s $100 less than Dell’s Mini 10 basic package) and about to be released this month.

Update1: Dell just added two new SSD drives, allowing Mini 10 users to upgrade their storage specs,� either with 32GB or 64GB capacities for an extra $75 or $125, respectively.

Update2: Looks like Dell’s Mini 10v netbook is now officially up for order In the company’s online store with a ship,ent delivery, scheduled for June.

Update3: Hit the jump to watch Doug Anson, Dell’s Technology Strategist , displaying Dell’s Mini 10v netbooks running three different operating systems, including Ubuntu, “netbook remix” and even the Android platform, which clearly proves the company has some pretty neat aspirations for future lineups.

Update4: It seems like Dell’s Mini 10v netbook now gets a Nickelodeon edition, which packs pretty much the same lineup the usual version has, only with lime green flavors splashing all over the place. Price, on the other hand, is $30 more than the usual, standing at $329.

[via crunchgear]


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